Shimmering Bauhaus Advent Calendar

“Less is more” is probably the most famous phrase associated with the German art school Bauhaus and the artistic minimalism it championed. It’s a principle lovingly celebrated in this beautiful Bauhaus advent calendar, though with foil stamping, embossing and die cutting, there’s really nothing “less” about it.

Produced by the German printer GRÄFE Druckveredelung Group and designed by GRÄFE Atelier, the piece arrived at the doors of its clients last Christmas in an unassuming white box. A silver, star-studded foil sticker with the words “Take time out for something sweet” [in German] only hinted at the treasures within.

Inside, a greeting card featuring a Christmas tree comprised of colored triangles sits on top of the main event: the calendar itself. This comes out of the box in a stunning, finger-pleasing sleeve adorned with Bauhaus-inspired artwork rendered in hot foil.

Removing the sleeve reveals an excitingly chunky package boasting yet more triangles forming a tree on the cover – these in Bauhaus Blue and Red and Black (a nice tie-in to the Christmas card artwork) and gold cold foil, as well as an embossed and foil stamped greeting.

Wait, what’s that lovely aroma? Why the distinct scent of chocolate of course! Opening the calendar reveals 24 tiny boxes, each individually numbered in a distinctive Bauhaus style and enhanced with cold foil elements. Each side of the box features a different pattern. Nestled within is a small chocolate treat protected by a foodsafe PET gold foil lamination on the box’s interior.

What makes these boxes so extra special (and safe for food) is the fact that they open to lay completely flat; not a spot of glue was used to hold them together. Now that is what I call great German engineering ; )

In the lead-up to Christmas, as each tiny package was emptied, they could be returned to the “calendar” with a different side – and therefore a different design – facing out.

Not only is this a “sweet” project on many levels, it also sweetly demonstrates how you can blend different foiling techniques to create something truly unique